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cinthia profile picWelcome to Low Carb Dish!

Since 1999, I have been low carbing with some hiatuses but I keep coming back to the low carb lifestyle because I feel and look best when I avoid carbs.
For the past 17 years I have collected low carb recipes, altered high carb recipes to low carb and came up with a few of my own.
I belong to several low carb groups and forums and one of the most common questions from people who are just starting is, “What do I eat?” And for many, going low carb is the first time they become cooks! So, to make it easier for beginners and more interesting for people who are low carb lifers, I created this website in 2011. It is a labor of love for me.
I was one of those people who hadn’t cooked much before I started low carbing. Now I love cooking so much that I am always trying new things and rarely make the same thing twice! Crazy, I know.
This passion for cooking has resulted in thousands of recipes that come from hundreds of resources and span the culinary globe. Most of the recipes can be made with ingredients you find in your local grocery store and are not overly complicated. I also have a bunch of recipes that have four ingredients and can be whipped up quickly.
I am getting ready to launch a meal plan subscription service that is exclusively low carb. I am very excited and hope that you will try it out for yourself. In the meantime, if you subscribe here you will receive the new recipes posted in your email box. Thank you for visiting.


Does meal planning take up too much time? Does the question, “What to make for dinner?” fill you with dread? Are you new to the low carb lifestyle and don’t know what to eat?


Weekly meal plans delivered to your inbox that does all the work for you! Except the cooking and eating part.

Stay tuned for the launch of the meal plan service. If you haven’t already, click here and you will be sure to get all announcements!

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