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  1. posted by Kathy hedberg on 03/23/2016

    I just started Atkins on 3-17-16. I don’t have the book yet but have been getting info off the net at the Atkins site. How often should I weigh myself. What happens if I don’t lose any weight within the first week or second week. I’m sure I’m doing it correctly. Any suggestions? Looking for good recipes for my husband to cook for us.

    • posted by ava on 03/23/2016

      Hi Kathy:
      Thanks for writing.
      I am in the camp of weighing daily. Studies have shown that people who weigh themselves more often tend to keep their weight in check. If you only weigh weekly, you can’t adjust if you discover that eating a bunch of nuts or something spiked your weight. That being said, do not let the scale rule your life! Most people have stories of the scale not moving even though they are doing everything right. If your clothes feel looser and you feel better, then keep the faith regardless of what the scale says. You may not lose any weight on the scale for a week or more and then suddenly drop five pounds. That really happens!
      Suggestions for staying on plan is, well, planning. If I don’t have a menu for the week and have the foods I need to eat in the house at all times, then I’m more likely to make bad decisions. Also, when going to parties or gatherings, I always bring something I can eat or drink, like wine, cheese, nuts or even a Caesar salad with chicken! No one seems to mind and I can enjoy myself and not feel like I’m missing out.
      Cooking on low carb is a lot of fun because there are so many things that are low carb (meat and vegetables) or easily adapted to low carb. I like pretty much everything and experiment and try new recipes. When I first started though, I had my favorites that I ate frequently which made it easy to keep on track. So, think about what you and your husband like to eat the most – steak, chicken, pork – and what your favorite sides and salads are and just eat that for a few weeks while your body adjusts to low carb.
      Some suggestions:
      Chicken Divan (broccoli and chicken in a creamy sauce) and a tossed salad
      Steak and salad (my favorite with a greek salad)
      Roasted chicken thighs with green beans and caulimash (tastes like mashed potatoes)
      Taco salad
      BBQ ribs and coleslaw (Stubbs BBQ sauce is low carb and delicious)
      All these recipes are easy to prepare and make great leftovers.
      I am excited for you and your husband. Everyone I have known that went low carb never regretted it and will say how much better they feel.
      Stay in touch and let me know how you guys are doing.


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